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Tonic Combo

Tonic Combo

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Starter Pack / Chocolate

Starter Pack / Chocolate

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The perfect bundle that includes a little bit of everything. The Starter Pack features a range of dosages for microdosing and the Crunchy Mocha Chocolate bar might help you find the meaning of life.

Key Benefits


Less brain fog and more clarity. Psilocybin builds neural pathways, making it possible for parts of the brain that weren’t connected, to speak with each other.


Studies show small amounts of psilocybin can actually increase energy levels similar to a ‘cup of coffee in the morning’.


Studies find that people who microdose psilocybin, improve their symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It also balances overall mood.

Cutting the bullsh!t.

While it’s cheaper and common to grow magic mushrooms in manure-based compost, we think it’s a shitty way to do it. We grow ours in 100% organic coconut coir to guarantee the highest quality product and reduce the ‘upset stomach’ feeling that you get from mushrooms grown in manure.

A life-changing protocol.

4 days on. 3 days off

For the first timers in the room, this is your microdosing schedule. Following a regimen, which includes taking off days, is a crucial part of experiencing the full benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms.

day 1
day 2
day 3
day 4
day 5
day 6
day 7
day 1

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