The Perfect Summer Trip

Johnny Dee Apr 29, 2022
The Perfect Summer Trip

Friends who trip together, stay together. Right? 

Maybe. It depends on the friends. And the dose. And the location. And your mental health.

What we’re saying is there is a lot that goes into planning a fun summer getaway with your friends, if that getaway happens to include a recreational dose of psilocybin (magic mushrooms).

At Schedule35, we believe in the healing power of psilocybin through microdosing and microdosing. We also recognize that some people enjoy taking mushrooms with friends and use them for recreational activity. 

For those looking to engage with others on a more spiritual, transformative level, a summer trip could be the perfect way to enjoy your vacation. 

Is Psilocybin Good for Emotional Health?

Numerous studies show that psilocybin can have positive effects on the mind. From reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety to improved creativity and general mood, there results differ from person to person. 

The “secret” lies in the body-brain absorption process after you drink some shroom tea or take a dose. Psilocybin becomes psilocin in your gut. Your gut, by the way, houses over 100 million nerve receptors and is where the majority of your body’s serotonin and other important chemicals are made. 

After it enters the bloodstream, psilocin binds to serotonin receptors in the brain, namely 5-HT2C. This receptor plays a huge role in mood and appetite regulation as well as feelings of anxiety. 

Moreover, psilocybin increases activity in your visual cortex, which is why many people who take higher doses can experience surface distortions, see geometric shapes, and find patterns and beauty in places they never did before. 

Psilocybin also decreases the ego, or sense of self, which can help you feel more connected to others and the world around you. 

How to Have an Epic Summer Trip

First and foremost, do your research. It’s important to know everything about how magic mushrooms work, appropriate doses, and the medical histories of anyone you’re traveling with.

Friends who are currently on any medications should skip taking shrooms, no matter how small the dose. If they have any diagnosed mental health disorders, or a family history of them, then they may also want to skip out or consult with a therapist beforehand.

This is because people who take magic mushrooms can experience substance-induced psychosis. And in at-risk people, psilocybin can trigger the onset of mania, a panic disorder, or schizophrenia. 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive into the fun stuff!

Get Out in Nature

Nature is the perfect backdrop for a summer ‘trip’, especially if you’re able to sprawl out, take in the sky, and appreciate the abundance of untouched Earth around you.

That sense of connection we mentioned earlier doesn’t stop with people. You may find yourself at awe at how at one you feel with the universe and how wholly complete the world really is, especially in its natural form. 

With heightened senses, you and the gang will likely be in wonder at all the beautiful colors, sounds, smells, and pure feeling of nature. 

This makes hiking a fantastic outdoor group activity. Just make sure you are all on a safe, low-intensity trail. Bring cellphones, plenty of water, and, if necessary, a communication radio to call for help if you need it. 

Also map out your trip (um, your hike) ahead of time, so you know exactly where you’re going and how to get back to homebase.

Set Up a Social Space

A medium dose of psilocybin can increase social connection and foster intimacy. For those looking to bond and get all up in their spiritual feelings together, a summer trip to a relaxing cottage is the perfect place.

Choose a space that makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable on every level. 

You can also set up a space just for long talks and deep moments. We’re talking plenty of comfortable blankets, huge cushions or bean bags, throw pillows, etc. 

Many people find that they become more expressive, and their speech improves after taking psilocybin. You and your friends may start having conversations that bridge gaps, transform relationships, and bring you closer than ever. 

Make sure, though, that there’s also room for people to break off from the group (safely) and get some headspace whenever they need it. A lot of emotions may come up over the course of your trip, and you want to keep the good vibes flowing for everyone. 

Bring Art Into the Mix

Art and nature are a phenomenal combination. How many poets and painters through the centuries have been inspired by their surroundings? 

When you take a recreational dose, you’ll likely find your visual perception different than usual. And with a less forceful ego, you may be able to tap into parts of yourself that are typically repressed or difficult to communicate with.

Art is the perfect way to open that conversation with yourself. Set up a journaling station, making sure everyone has a book and plenty of pens, colored pencils, and anything they need to express themselves on the page.

Have conversations about your revelations later, or hold a poetry workshop and have a reading that night around a warm fire.

You can also bring along some canvases and paints to host an abstract art sesh. There are no rules, no boundaries, no right or wrong to worry about. This is a time for you to share your most authentic creative expression with others and convene in a shared creative space. 

And we know you’re thinking it, so yes, you should totally open an Etsy store afterward and sell all that psychedelic artwork. 

Make Music Together

Music, like art, helps us connect with ourselves and others on a level that surpasses words. The energy you can build together by making music in a group is amazing, and you’ll probably be amazed at how freeing it is to jam in good company with no rules, deadlines, or standards to worry about. 

Psilocybin can also improve a person’s sense of sound, making them particularly sensitive to music and their ambient environment. With that in mind, bring along some acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and other softer instruments. 

Heck, you may even want to go full hippie and throw a triangle in the mix. 

Stay Grounded

We would like to throw out that if you’re under the influence of any substance, it’s a good idea to steer clear of any bodies of water, including hot tubs and pools. 

That’s okay, though, because there are plenty of amazing activities to do on solid land that can enhance your experience on psilocybin. 

For example, grounding activities linked with spiritual growth, like yoga and meditation, are amazing group activities that you can modify to suit your preferences and abilities. 

Meditation doesn’t have to be hardcore, either. Just taking time to hold space for each other, openly speak whatever’s on your mind, and acknowledge each person’s insights is an incredible gesture. 

Some Safety Tips

As with any substance, it’s important to always put safety first. This means:

  • Asking people’s medical histories, including mental health histories, to assess their risk.
  • Trying microdosing to ensure everyone can safely take psilocybin before the trip. 
  • Always using the buddy system and/or having a chaperone. 
  • Consulting with some shroom professionals (like us!) before you purchase any products. 

We wish you and your friends an epic summer adventure that you’ll talk about for years to come. 

If you’re new to magic mushrooms or aren’t sure how to go about planning a safe recreational dose, we’ve got your back. Shoot us a message at [email protected] or on IG @schedule35_ so we can talk. 

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