Spotlight Story: Veronica Skye

Arih Jun 11, 2021
Spotlight Story: Veronica Skye
We got a chance to connect with Veronica a little more than half a year ago and since then it's been such a great relationship. Being an active runner, Veronica embodies the workout and wellness lifestyle, paired with the amazing views from Vancouver, BC - it definitely has us bit jealous. 

Without further ado, here's Veronica's story:

Veronica here - I am so excited to share my story with you! 

I’ve struggled with anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, and minor depression for as long as I can remember. It runs in my family so it was inevitable that this may be a challenge for me. 

Diagnosed quite young, I was in therapy, but was given the option to try prescription meds from my doctor. I hesitated to try them and stuck only with therapy as long as I could. Therapy was a major help, but at one point the anxiety got unmanageable. That is when I decided to carefully experiment with medication. This lasted on and off for about eight years; trying to find something that worked for me - none of it did. 

The side effects affected me heavily, in many different ways and eventually I didn’t feel like ‘myself’. 

Fast forward to 2020, and a friend of mine introduced me to micro dosing psilocybin mushrooms. “It’s known to really help with anxiety and depression!” She said. I was skeptical because all I knew of mushrooms was psychedelic hallucination experiences which I wanted no part in due to high anxiety. “No, it’s nothing like that! It’s a micro dose, so you only get the chill, focused benefits from it!” She exclaimed.

I started reading and researching and soon I learned that microdosing mushrooms was the next step in medicine to aid people with mental illness. Mind blown. 

They've increased my focus, encouraged me to think logically, and never leave me with the feeling of a come down. When my thoughts don’t feel like they’re working overtime, I have the space to focus on Mondays run club, planning Sweataways, and spending quality time with loved ones without feeling distracted or overwhelmed. 

I take them consciously, consistently and with confidence that this is the best route to aiding my mental illness - along with continued therapy, acupuncture and running, of course!

Veronica Skye
Destination Marketing Agency - SKYEbrand
6 Months Microdosing

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