Spotlight Story: Bianca B

Arih Jun 04, 2021
Spotlight Story: Bianca B

Spotlight Story:

Bianca B

2 Years Microdosing

Digital Strategy Manager


How S35 met Bianca:

We met Bianca through mutual friends in the creative industry within Toronto even before we began S35. When we discovered she's active microdoser we knew we had to introduce her to our products and share a little bit about her on our blog!

Her Story:

As someone who experiences anxiety, I don’t jump to try new drugs in fear of feeling a lack of control. My first ever experience with mushrooms was microdosing and I was pleasantly surprised with how present I felt. We sat by the water, listened to chill music, and chatted the day away. It didn’t feel like I had taken anything. Colors were a little brighter, laughs were a little louder, and connecting to each other felt easier - it was like seeing life through rose colored glasses. 

The second experience I had with mushrooms was years later in Bali. My friends and I downed high-dose shroom shakes and biked to a nearby beach. Our day was filled with highs and lows. Laughter, tears, bonding, embracing nature. By the end of the day when I came back down, I felt a major weight off my chest, like I had just done years of therapy in one day. I was grateful for the experience but taking mushrooms in that quantity was overwhelming for me. 

I was very open to continuing my journey with mushrooms but wasn’t always sure how much to take. Having pre-measured doses in capsule form made it easy for me to enjoy the right dose for the right occasions. 100mg if I want to focus on a project or bring up my mood, 200mg if I am going on an adventure and want that extra boost of enjoyment and connection, 500mg if I want to have a giggle with my friends. I love the flexibility of being able to customize my experience based on the day I will be having.

Microdosing has become something I regularly mix into my routine. I love how it enhances the beauty in the regular things around me without altering them. I love how introspective I feel, like my inner thoughts that are usually challenging to unravel suddenly became simple to decipher. I love how it creates ease in having meaningful and vulnerable conversations with those around you. I especially love how it allows me to feel nature in its entirety - I feel the utmost gratitude for every splash of water, grain of sand, gust of wind and even bugs crawling on me. It's been an amazing tool for me to relax, take the edge off, and truly enjoy each moment while still being in full control.

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