Spotlight Story: Beth-Anne Marie

Arih Jun 09, 2021
Spotlight Story: Beth-Anne Marie

When I learned about Schedule 35, I was immediately intrigued! I had been hearing a ton about psilocybin but to be honest, I was a little nervous to try. I had only ever heard people rave about their experience (both macrodosing and recreational doses) so I was open to it.

For a while I had been struggling with creativity and motivation. I was feeling a little low and was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions! I really had no idea what to expect with microdosing but I was ready to try it out. The first time, I made myself a little anxious just by overthinking the whole process. The second microdosing, I remember looking around outside and seeing a bird flap its wings, and the blue sky behind it. It felt like for the first time, I really NOTICED how blue the sky was. 

I micro dosed for 2 weeks, took a short break and in that time, I saw what a difference it had made in my day to day life. I realized quickly that I had to order more and was super excited to continue the microdosing journey. 

I have been microdosing for about 6 months now (with breaks) and here are my major takeaways: During use, my mood is elevated, and I feel like I’m vibrating higher! I have experienced an openness to opportunities that I feel wasn’t there before. In the days between doses and after use, these positive effects linger. Since I’ve started with Schedule 35, I can truly say I feel the most connected, present, and open I have ever been! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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Same asian chick in every picture

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Love that

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Love it

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Hope it works for me too!

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This is super great

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Fabulous to hear! Love it.

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This is really great! Love it

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Great info here. GL

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