Spotlight: Chanel Luu

Arih May 30, 2021
Spotlight: Chanel Luu
Spotlight Story:

Chanel Lu

Artist1 Year Microdosing Journey

Partner in @thepalspodcast &

You can find him at @yourpalrick

Hello everyone! My name is Chanelle and I am a multi-faceted artist living in Toronto. I love to paint and make ceramic pieces, but my main passion is making clothes. Every medium I do is self taught. I never had the opportunity to go to art school even though it was my dream when I was a child. My parents were very strict and had a “one-tract” vision of what my life should be. They wanted me to go to university and were highly against me going to art school, despite the fact that my high school art teacher offered to write a letter of recommendation to the art school of my choice for a scholarship. I used to be angry about this and I thought that I would never get to work in the arts, but here I am today doing exactly that. The biggest take away from my journey is that if you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it… no matter the obstacles or unconventional paths leading up to it.

Thanks to the internet, I was able to teach myself how to do any medium I desired and I am very much still learning. I am grateful to have made some money off painting and ceramics, but I have been the most successful in making clothing. I was always exposed to sewing because my grandmother did it for a living and my mother did it as a hobby. As a child, I would hand-sew toys, pillows, and little things like that. However, my education in making clothing started as soon as I was old enough to handle sewing machines. I started with altering old clothes because it is the easiest type of sewing. My inspiration started with copying clothing that I saw but couldn’t afford… if you really dissect a piece of clothing, you can see how easy it actually is to make and that it is made up of many different shapes that are pieced together. Eventually, I was able to make up my own patterns and therefore make entirely original pieces from scratch. I now run a small clothing business from the comfort of my apartment… one woman, one sewing machine. You can find it at @fishsaucebabyclothing on Instagram. I do not have a website or make collections due to the time it takes me to hand-make each piece. I sell custom pieces, therefore they are usually one-offs.

I am very lucky to be able to make some money from these passions but I mainly rely on my steady 9-5 and modeling. Basically… I do a lot, and I like to live my life this way because keeping busy makes me a very happy person. However, I occasionally have my down-days just like most people. You know… the days where you wake up feeling unmotivated and sad, and then feel guilty for not doing anything? I believe its okay to allow yourself some space on those days but when I really have to get things done, micro-dosing has been the most effective way to kick me into gear!

My preferred dosage is one pill every three days, and I take it right when I wake up because I like to start my day with a clear mind and positive attitude. It’s very healthy because a positive mindset eventually becomes habit, which then becomes character. All it takes is a little positive perspective in the morning, and your entire day will improve. I personally highly recommend micro-dosing because it just makes you feel so light and clear-headed, and therefore you are able to leave all the anxieties in the past and take your future on head-first.

                I believe micro-dosing shrooms has a very bright future. It has many mental health benefits as it restructures your old and bad patterns of thinking (which can leave you feeling very trapped), and makes room for positive and uplifting mentalities. I am a huge advocate for it because it has greatly improved my life, and I can see many others getting on board as well.

Spotlight Story:

Rick Liorti

Podcaster and Tech Entrepreneur

1 Year Microdosing Journey

Partner in @thepalspodcast &

You can find him at @yourpalrick

How we met Ricky:

Ricky's a well known face on the Toronto scene. You can always catch him with a big smile with vibrant and positive energy moving and shaking in the city with his creative endeavors.

His Story:

My name is Ricky Liorti and I’m a 30 year old podcaster and tech entrepreneur from Toronto, ON. I like to play sports, hang out with friends, go to concerts and basically anything that involves being around people. I’ve always considered myself an open minded person and found myself trying new things and always looking to learn more.

 In the last year, during these COVID times, I recently began working in a more creative environment with my podcast and now my new social voting app called Cast and I’ve released that certain days I just don’t have the same juices flowing through. Some days I feel as if I’m on fire and everything I touch turns to gold and other days it feels like I just can't come up with anything… You know those days I’m talking about? The ones where you legit can’t think about a new idea to save your life? Yea those ones. Working so hard on the podcast and the app, I need to be on point - I need to be rocking and rolling day in and day out and that’s why I’ve start microdosing with Schedule 35. To be honest, I didn’t know too much about it originally just like many don’t. Is it legal, is it not? Can I buy it or do I grow my own? Am I going to feel high and be unproductive? Who knew really.

I got fairly lucky that I had a friend who was microdosing and answered some of my questions. He told me that he didn’t feel high, but he just felt “On Point” when it came to his creativity. “On Point” he said… Honestly, I couldn’t really describe it another way. When you are microdosing and working in a creative space such as I am, it helps you bring new ideas, think in a different mindset and really just feel like you're rolling with the punches. For those who haven’t tried it, I suggest giving it a go. You’ll see what I mean when I “On Point”.

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