Joe Rogan, His Podcast, and Celebrity Guests on Magic Mushrooms

Johnny Dee Mar 23, 2022
Joe Rogan, His Podcast, and Celebrity Guests on Magic Mushrooms

There’s never a wrong time to expand your mind.

Back in the day, trending news consisted of brash headlines about celebrities that reeled us in. They tempted us with bold print but never really broke any boundaries. 

But those days are now long gone. I mean, does anyone even read a newspaper anymore? 

Now, we live in a world where news sources continually push the boundaries online, delving into subjects once thought of as taboo, if not illegal. Podcasters, like Joe Rogan, carefully tiptoe where many men fear to tread. 

Yes, we wholeheartedly agree that Joe can be a bit over the top at times…okay, a lot of the time. However, he knows a lot about psychedelics and the benefits of microdosing. 

If you’ve been researching psychedelics or hanging out in chat rooms where psychonauts spend their time hypothesizing the good, the bad and, in some people’s opinion, the ugly of magic mushrooms and other hallucinogenic drugs, you’ve probably heard of Joe Rogan. 

If not, which is really hard to believe, we’ll fill you in

Good ole Joe is podcast host, comedian and DMT activist who is head honcho on The Joe Rogan Experience. His podcast consists of a mishmash of musings, sometimes paired with cannabis and his drink of choice. 

Since 2009, he’s been giving his audience honest recommendations on CBD, health supplements and even his favorite nonfiction reads. Yes, the pied piper of podcasts also touches upon other trending topics, like psychedelics, which are what would consider a treasure trove of some of the most thought-provoking interviews about mind-altering states of being. 

So, as we pay homage to Joe and all of his podcast wisdom, we thought sharing some of his most impressive episodes was the right thing to do.

Michael Pollan

In 2018, Rogan interviewed Michael Pollan, author of How To Change Your Mind. In addition to detailing research into the exploration of psychedelics as a form of medical treatment, Pollan chronicled his own adventures while on LSD, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and toad venom (5-MeO-DMT). 

Pollan’s book is something anyone interested in the brain on magic mushrooms should read. Pollan’s in-depth exploration examines how magic mushrooms work, what they can do for people, and argues that they have incredible potential often ignored or misconstrued by society. 

In addition to other enlightened moments during the interview, Pollan described in vivid detail his experience with toad venom. As Rogan listened intently, Pollan recounted how he felt like he was being shot out of cannon even before he had a chance to exhale.

As he relived the experience, he described the immense feeling of happiness and gratitude he felt as he regained a normal level of consciousness. He went on to say that while he appreciated the journey, he wasn’t really his thing. However, he was willing to go the extra mile for research. 

Pollan’s book, in addition to his compelling interview, has undeniably influenced how psychedelics are perceived in today’s society, particularly when it comes to treating the terminally ill.

Mike Tyson

In 2019, Rogan’s interview with Mike Tyson also garnered media attention as the Iron Man described his experience with toad venom. Tyson described how he felt like he died and was reborn.

In a word, Tyson related the experience as inexplicable. He also went on to describe the wide range of feelings he undertook, including humility, vulnerability, submissiveness and — at the same time — invincibility. 

Tyson kept the conversation going, touching upon how the media paints a picture of the celebrity lifestyle that’s not always as carefree as it may seem. Ultimately, he feels he’s a better person since taking his own magic carpet ride and has turned over a new leaf. 

Paul Stamets

Mycologist Paul Stamets, who is well-known for his study of fungi, also took the mic that year. In glorious detail, he described how the mycelium in mushrooms can create underground circuit boards that aid dying trees in the forest and how that plays a role in society.

In that same interview, Stamets also went on to describe how he went on a wild ride after taking magic mushrooms during a lightning storm, which he characterized as a life-changing experience. 

Dennis McKenna

Other psychedelic-centric discussions on The Joe Rogan Experience include an enlightening chat with Dennis McKenna, brother to the late Terence McKenna, famed ethnobotanist. Rogan and McKenna then got down to the nitty gritty about DMT. They hypothesized how DMT is common in nature, and how it’s sad that we need to experience life-threatening illness before we even think of using conscious-altering substances as treatment. 

Dr. Andrew Weil and Hamilton Morris 

Rogan rounded out the year with a visit from Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the top pioneers in the field of integrative medicine. Aubrey Marcus also made an appearance, revealing the details of his ayahuasca trip, which piqued Rogan’s interest.

Hamilton Morris, who’s probably best known for his series, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, stopped by and gave Rohan a breakdown of a productive psychedelic experience and how powerful it is to approach life without fear.

Morris went on to say that people can learn a lot from psychedelic experiences, even difficult ones. He believes those are the ones that teach us the most important life lessons. 

Morris and Rogan went on to discuss that someone who’s never used magic mushrooms doesn’t really grasp the concept of confronting an overarching fear while tripping and then using that same fear to improve their life. 

Post Malone

What’s the longest podcast you ever listened to — maybe 30 minutes to an hour? Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones who caught Rogan and Post Malone’s 4-hour magic mushroom marathon, hopefully you had snacks!

Malone thought that it would be a good idea to skip sleeping and instead share a trip with Rogan. The two embarked on a 4-hour trip that they recorded, filled with eye-opening dialogue about UFOs, the pandemic, and, of course, psychedelics. 

Whether it was the lack of shut-eye, or merely an attempt to get the ball rolling, Malone shared his thoughts on mushrooms — specifically, how they’re a “different” kind of animal. Rogan chimed in explaining how he likes cannabis more.

Malone also got into why he chooses to live in Utah instead of LA. The “Better Than Now” crooner revealed that the peacefulness of the rural landscape got his creative juices flowing. 

Malone revealed that he’s been microdosing for years, way before it became popular. He also revealed that taking shrooms took him and his producer on an incredible musical journey, just in time for Coachella. 


Police’s frontman is a long-time advocate of ayahuasca, its positive effects and how he combines it with yoga to achieve the ultimate Zen experience. Even though he’s used psychedelics in the past, his ‘trip” comes from Central America. Back when he was still belting out the tunes, Sting admitted he had a history of addictive behaviors, all of which stopped when started using psychedelics. 

Rick Doblin

In typical Rogan fashion, Joe effortlessly finds a way to ask if his guests have ever tried mushrooms or heard of DMT. So, when MAPS founder Rick Doblin came to play, Rogan was all ears. 

Doblin, another advocate for MDMA therapy and ayahuasca therapy has been studying the topic since the mid-1980s. And while this podcast isn’t Joe’s finest (he was a bit too chatty), Doblin offered plenty of facts to support his opinions. 

Mathew Walker

If you’re a psychonaut suffering from a sleep disorder, you’ll want to search this one out YouTube. In this episode, Walker, a Professor of Neuroscience and Founder of the Center of Human Sleep Science, shared his thoughts about psychedelics and how they can affect our sleep patterns and brain chemistry.

Future Finds

Who Rogan invites to discuss the magic of mushrooms remains to be seen; however, there’s no doubt that it will be an enlightening experience. Rogan’s fascination with psychedelics opened the door to more uninhibited discussions about the topic, so we too are waiting with bated breath to see who his next guest will be.

But just so you know, you don’t need to be Rogan or have a podcast to test the waters with microdosing. You can do it on your own terms.

Is Microdosing Magic Mushrooms Safe? 

Yes – if you get approval from your doctor first. You shouldn’t take any psychedelic substances if you are on certain prescription medications, have a family history of psychosis or schizophrenia or suffer from either of those mental health disorders yourself. 

While no one can definitively tell you how shrooms will make you feel, the research supporting the benefits of microdosing for better mood, focus and concentration is promising. 

While Rogan may approach the topic from a non-traditional standpoint, it doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t correct in his thinking. 

On the same token, here at Schedule35, we believe that less is more. We use magic mushrooms to enhance, not numb, our feelings. If you’d like to know more about products and learn about our own personal experiences, shoot us a message. 

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Canada and Australia have been doing research on psilocybin treating bpd, bi-polar, CPTSD, OCD and more!

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